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Get road ready

Get road ready
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Get Road Ready is a free one-stop-shop, tackling the common range of obstacles identified by driver licensing stakeholders operating in Indigenous communities:

Users take a personalised pathway through the site, answering relevant questions and accessing accurate current information, forms and contact details to overcome obstacles for accessing a licence. Ultimately the user creates a personalised printed checklist of steps they need to take to be prepared.

The site includes Indigenous guides and appropriate images and photos to support users through this Plain English resource, which has been designed to be used by community members in a supported environment. Training providers, job networks, councils, teachers and other licensing stakeholders can support clients through the site in one-on-one or small group settings, providing the needed level of assistance.

Accessing driver licences greatly increases potential for participation in training and employment opportunities, as well as improving the self-esteem of Indigenous community members. This is reflected in Queensland Government's 'Positive Dreaming Solid Futures, Indigenous Employment and Training Strategy', which identifies increasing licensing as a key objective.  

At the same time, increasing licence possession helps address Indigenous over-representation in the prison system, with figures showing that over half of Indigenous inmates in Far North Queensland Prisons are there for licence related offences.

Developed with funding from the Australian Flexible Learning Framework, The Indigenous Lead Centre is proud to announce the launch of this new resource.

Get Road Ready interactive website, developed in partnership with the Department of Transport and Main Roads', Indigenous Driver Licensing Unit, is now available.

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