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Ready for the road

A5 booklet: Ready for the road

CD-Rom/A5 booklet: Department of Transport and Main Roads

Queensland Transport Learner's permit test support package of the Queensland road rules was developed in collaboration with Queensland Transport (now Transport and Main Roads). These interactive resources contextualise the Queensland Road rules for an Indigenous community audience, using Indigenous guides, situationally appropriate images and principles of Plain English and sound instructional design. Information and activities are sequenced so that users can test their understanding monitor their progress and as they go.

Since handover of the completed resources to Transport and Main Roads for production, new road rules have come into effect. This has delayed release while the materials are updated, but it is anticipated they will be available to the general public by the end of 2009.

Contact the Indigenous Driver Licensing Unit, Transport and Main Roads on 1800 130 886, to place orders.

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